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Maintenance Programs
     Like any investment you make, a roof is something that must be maintained or it will fail. Regular maintenance allows you to make minor repairs before it becomes a major repair or even a full replacement. Here are a few of the plans we offer and when you might need them.

Frequency What gets done? When would I need this?
Annual Inspect and repair all roof penetrations, metal copings, misc. flashing's, clear drains, and clean roof of debris. A newer roof not in a heavily treed environment, and mostly protected from wind.
Semi-Annual Older roof lacking slope with history of repairs, and with a moderate number of trees and wind.
Quarterly Older roof lacking slope with history of roof problems. In heavily treed environment with exposure to high wind.

The information above is just a basic guide, for a much more in-depth explanation from our very knowledgeable sales staff please call (800)358-3119 or (206)364-4445 for more information.
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